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Embark on Horse Riding Lessons at Pony Gang Equestrian Services in Columbia

Miss Ashley is training with her personal horse

At Pony Gang Equestrian Services, we're committed to turning your equestrian dreams into reality. Our horse riding for kids and adults begins from the tender age of 6, ensuring a comprehensive learning journey for all ages. Whether you're looking for beginner horseback riding lessons near me or you're ready to advance your skills, our doors are open. Remember, it's never too late to start horse riding lessons for adults!


Our stable of gentle lesson horses are ready to guide you through the nuances of horseback riding. They are the perfect companions to introduce you to the joys and challenges of horse riding, ensuring a safe and educational experience.

Girl is riding Western during a lesson
Girl on a trail ride by the ponds

Focusing on Equitation and Horsemanship at Our Western Riding Lessons

 Our horseback riding classes near me place a special emphasis on equitation and horsemanship, the cornerstones of accomplished riding. We believe that with a solid foundation in these areas, riders can confidently navigate most horses and disciplines. Join us for western riding lessons and elevate your riding prowess in an environment that celebrates the partnership between horse and rider. 



Pony Gang is a wonderful place to learn

how to ride western.
how horses think.
how to care for these heavenly creatures.


We teach everyone how to tack, untack and care for the horse. That includes, grooming, tacking, warming up, riding, and cooling down your horse. We want you learn how to take care of a horse in the event you would ever want to buy one or even lease.


We offer Western horseback riding lessons during the week in the afternoon for most everyone's convenience. We teach Western dressage and Western Ranch horse riding.


Lessons are offered:

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday through Friday from 4:15pm - 7pm

Thursday - Friday 4:15pm - 6:00pm


Please sign up for your Assessment lesson, so that we can get to know you and see if we are a good fit for your Journey in the Western riding world.

Our beginner western horseback riding lessons run as private (one rider) lessons only, so that you have the full attention of your trainer and can concentrate better on learning and progressing.


When the rider has learned the balanced and independent seat, can control the mount in a walk and trot, then the student will move into group lesson (2 - max 3 riders).



With us you can ride horses without having to own your own riding horses. Our affordable cost of riding lessons give every beginner and experienced the chance to take riding lesson. 


"You got to practice to create the feel!"


Western Horseback riding lessons are usually taken once a week, but we always recommend two weekly lessons, because as in any other sport you can only learn by doing.


Our goal is to create confident and knowledgeable riders while maintaining a safe and positive environment for horse and rider.

Western rider in the arena with a lessons horse
Girls enjoying a group riding lesson
Rider is working on posture and correct riding aids

Assessment Lesson


In your Assessment session with us, we'll explore your riding aspirations, introduce our equestrian program, and offer a tour of our facilities. A prepared lesson horse awaits for a brief instructional period.


For newcomers, we'll cover English riding fundamentals. Experienced riders will undergo an evaluation to determine their proficiency and placement within our program. Finally, we'll review your session insights and recommend the most suitable program for you at Pony Gang English Riding Columbia, tailored to your needs. 


Price:   $55


Unleash Your Potential: Our Ultimate Western Riding Subscription Program

Step into the world of Western riding, where your equestrian dreams transcend the ordinary! Our Riding Lessons website is thrilled to introduce an unparalleled subscription program that goes beyond the traditional riding lesson formats found elsewhere. This program is your gateway to an all-encompassing Western equestrian education aimed at nurturing the renowned riders of tomorrow.


With just one competitively priced subscription, you gain access to a wealth of opportunities:


Western Riding Lessons: Embrace the spirit of the West with lessons tailored for every level, from the basics for beginners to advanced techniques for seasoned riders.


Horsemanship Lessons: Dive deep into the essence of Western riding with courses that emphasize horse care, bonding, and communication, fostering a profound connection between horse and rider.


Exclusive Study Material: Access specially curated resources designed to enhance your understanding and proficiency in the unique aspects of Western riding and horsemanship.


And Much More: Our program is ever-evolving, introducing you to new skills and knowledge that extend far beyond the saddle.


This comprehensive approach doesn't just refine your riding techniques; it deepens your bond with these magnificent creatures and lays the groundwork for your journey to become a distinguished Western rider. All this is offered at a competitive price, providing unmatched value in our service area.


Join us on this exciting journey to mastery and passion. Become part of a community dedicated to the art and soul of Western riding, today.

Western riders have so much fun here at our Farm in Columbia SC

Bronze Package

✔️Access to 4 mounted lesson a month

✔️ Access to our Online Learning platform

✔️Copy of our Rider's Journal (Riders Diary)

✔️Quarterly social events (Daddy & Daughter day, movie night, barbeque and more)

✔️Quarterly Goal meetings 

✔️Quarterly Level testing



27 lessons horses and ponies have their home here at Pony Gang Farm

Silver Package

Everything in Bronze PLUS

✔️Access to 4 additional lesson for a total of 8 mounted lessons** a month 

 🔑 Unlocks opportunity to become part of our Show team

🔑 Unlocks access to discounted camp tuition








Our riders learn how to balance and have an independant seat

Gold Package

 Everything in Silver PLUS

✔️Access to 4 additional lesson for a total of 12 mounted lessons*** a month

🔑 Unlocks 2 practice rides per month provided you level 4 or higher









*46 yearly lessons

**92 yearly lessons 

***138 yearly lessons