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We have created our journals for Riding Instructors, Trainers, Western and English Riders with attention to detail and with each rider in mind. 


Riders can track their lessons and/or their riding progress, they can line out the details of their barn and the friends they have made at the barn, set their goals for their future as Equestrians and so much more. 


Each of our journals has no doubles just with a different design as many other Journals on the market to blow it up.


Many of you ask yourself now why should I or my students keep a journal? 

Keeping a journal can not only be fun but it also can be instructive and a great way to remember certain moments. But most importanty riders can track their progress over time. 


Here are some Reasons why you should keep a journal or have your students keep a journal:

....it allows to track your horses progress or your own as a rider.  To be able to go back, read over the notes and see the general upward trend after a particularly frustrating ride or lesson. 

....it allows to look back and see where you have began and where you are standing today. Especially in moment of discouraged and feel of not improving or taken steps back instead of forward. It will encourage to see and be aware of the progress and the improvements that have been made. 

....it will give a record of any tips or techniques that stood out, and any lightbulb moments on the way. 

....it helps to motivate and stay on track

....it is a great resource for any problem that need backtrack when coming back up. 

...to remember aspects of a lesson or a ride  that have slipped the mind, because you/they are able to read up on it and this way remember and better absorb what they have learned.

... to have a clear plan for your/their riding goals and how to make them happen because they have broken them down into logical and doable steps. 

.... to get the morst out of a riding lessons  and working with your horses. 


Our Journals are the perfect companion for all Equestrians!



When you purchase our journal you can use it for your personal use. You are not allowed to give them forward to friends if you are using the purchased journal veersion yourself already. You are not allowed to resell the journal or copy it. If you purchase the journal as a gift, you are only allowed to gift each purchased journal only one time. 


Riding Instructor: 

When you purchased one of our journals you can use it for your riding school students with no limits.

You automatically receive all color versions from the journal you purchased. You will also receive the journals together with a seperate Pdf file with the reoccurring pages students have to use weekly, monthly or quarterly. 

What we recommend is to print the base of the journal for your new students and hand it out with your welcome package and share the reoccurring pages file with them through email. This way you can avoid that one of your student is sharing the journal with friends that are not part of your riding school, because you are responsible that the copyright rights are not broken. 

Riding Lessons Journal English


Riding Lessons Journal Western


Barrel Racer Journal


My Training Journal


Trainers/Riding Instructor Schedule 2023


Every trainer and riding instructor starts their lessons to differnt time. Some do it by the hour, some go by the quarter after or so. We have for this reason left the lessons times mostly open in your first daily schedule form, so that you can add your starting times by the minute - 15,30,45. Our second daily schedule form can be used by trainers and riding instructors for scheduling riding lessons and training rides of horses. For lessons you only circle the minute starting time that fits for you or you enter the horse you will be riding in the time slot. 

All time areas on both forms have enough room to enter rider and horse information. 

You will also find in our Schedule 2023 the following forms: 

  • Daily notes form
  • Week overview form
  • Monthly calendar Janury - December 2023 to enter your upcoming events or shows as an overview for yourself
  • Monthly show schedule January-December to enter your shows places and riders/horses you plan taking. 
  • blank lessons plan 
  • blank trainings plan 
  • blank rider/student form information form including progress page
  • rider evaluation form
  • monthly income and expense form

Personalized Journals

You can personalize any journal you purchase with your own horse picture* or add your business logo to the journal. 

After your purchase, please email us your business logo or your photo to personalize@ponygang-farm.com. 

You will receive your ordered journals as soon as we have personalized it for you. 

*you need to own the copyright for this picture


  • Available


You will be emailed the download to the email you provide during checkout. 

The above product is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD! Once paid for, you will receive within a couple of hours the download onto your computer and you can print it out for YOUR own use (or give one time as a present) or if you are a Riding Instructor for your  students or share it with YOUR students. You will not be receiving a physical product!


You can print it out as many times as you like for the use in YOUR riding school only or share it with students in your program as download. You cannot share it with any other riding school. Please ensure that your students are also aware that they cannot share it with anybody outside of your program.


Pony Gang retains all rights, license, copyright, title, and ownership of the product. 


You may NOT distribute, transfer, assign, edit, copy, or otherwise alter these PDF's and printable. Nor give to other businesses, including reselling, relicensing, redistributing. For the original customer's use in their riding school only. 


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