Trick Pony Training at Pony Gang Camp in Camden SC

In this part of the camp campers will learn barn/pasture safety and proper horse care. We aim to create a supportive and enthusiastic group of campers who leave our camp with a love for these animals and the understanding that being an equestrian is more than jumping in the saddle. 


Camp Pony Gang in Camden strongly believes in the importance of  developing the equestrian of tomorrow that knows safe horsemanship and correct care for horses and ponies are just as important as their mounted skills. 


We hope to avoid with this an uniformed request by a child who might say "mom/dad buy me a horse". One they have spend time in our camp they will know what goes into complete horse care. 


Campers own horse during Camp week 


Each camper will have a horse/pony assigned to them on the beginning of the camp week. (This must not always be the one they are riding during their riding lessons.) Campers will be responsible for the complete care of this horse. 


Campers will enhance their knowledge on daily barn activities as well as routine horse care.

Including: feeding, grooming, hoof care, stall and pasture  care, first aid and horse health. 

Social Benefits 

- Confidence

- Self discipline 

- Sense of responsibility

- Independence 

- Focus and control

- Patience level 

- Empathy

- Stress relieve 

07:00 am             Wake up bell Overnight Campers 

07:30 am             Breakfast 

08:00 am             Arrival Day Campers

08:30 am             Horse Care - Hay feeding and Stable care  

09:30 am             Start Riding Lesson Group 1

10:30 am             Start Riding Lesson Group 2

11:30/11:45 am  After care horses and lunch feeding 

01:00 pm             Lunch time 

01:30 pm             Free choice time 

02:30 pm             Horsemanship lesson or other horse care learning activities

03:00 pm             Afternoon activities (changing each day!)

05:00 pm             Departure Day Campers and Care for horses Overnight Campers

06:00 pm             Dinner 

06:30 pm             Shower and free time 

08:00 pm             Night Activities

10:00 pm             Lights out

*Please note that this is just a approx. time overview and example Day. Our schedule is always flexible and weather related.