Horsemanship - Stablemanagement

Learn western horsemanship training & lessons

Girl learn barn/pasture safety and proper horse care in Pony Gang horsemanship stable management

In this part of the camp campers will learn barn/pasture safety and proper horse care. We aim to create a supportive and enthusiastic group of campers who leave our camp with a love for these animals and the understanding that being an equestrian is more than jumping in the saddle. 


Camp Pony Gang in Hopkins strongly believes in the importance of  developing the equestrian of tomorrow that knows safe horsemanship, horsemanship lessons at our camp and correct care for horses and ponies are just as important as their mounted skills. 


We hope to avoid with this an uniformed request by a child who might say "mom/dad buy me a horse". Once they have spend time in our camp they will know what time and work goes into complete horse care, what it means to own a horse and what responsibility comes with it.  

Camper girls doing care for the horses at Pony Gang Camp

Each camper will have a horse/pony assigned to them on the beginning of the camp week. (This must not always be the one they are riding during their riding lessons.) Campers will be responsible for the care of this horse and apply what they learn in our horsemanship training class.


Campers will enhance their knowledge on daily barn activities as well as routine horse care, feeding, grooming, hoof care, stall and pasture  care, first aid and horse health. 


Because in 2021 we had some campers that have been surprised in what Horsemanship and Horse care all includes, we want to break down below for our 2022 campers what to expect in our Horsemanship part of camp: 

campers cleaning pastures at horse camp

Time invested in Horsemanship care approx. 60-90 minutes a day!


Pasture Care: Camper will be responsible for cleaning one of our pastures (most housing 4-5 horses/ponies). It regular takes a max. of 30 minutes to perform this task, if campers stay on it. 


Water troughs: Team of campers are responsible to fill up the water in the pasture they got assigned to twice a day (mornings and afternoons). The task can in the morning be performed during the pasture cleaning, so no extra time is needed. Depending how empty the water through is in the afternoon, it takes 10-15min to fill it up. Wednesdays the water through have to be scrapped clean to ensure that no allgies build up in it, because like us humans horses don't like to drink dirty water and it is also not healthy. This task takes 10minutes tops and it is fun during hot day. 

girls cleaning water troughs and  filling the water at Horse Camp

Feeding/Graining assigned horse/pony: Each camper will prepare the grain/feed for the horse/pony that got assigned to them twice a day. Take the horse/pony out of their pasture and feed them. During the afternoon/night time feeding, campers also will groom the horse/pony as long as they are eating. This task will take a camper regular around 10-15 minutes per feeding at our horsemanship camp. 


Horses/ponies assigned to campers for care, don't always have to be the horse/pony they are riding during horsemanship lessons. We have over 40 horses and ponies here at Pony Gang and some of them are rescues that are not ridable anymore or older horses that have their forever home here at the Farm. During the summer camp time, our pasture ornaments are falling short, because we as their daily attention giver are busy caring for our campers with lessons, cooking and care. So, our campers jump in and give our special four legged friends the  attention they deserve. 

Social Benefits 

- Confidence

- Self discipline 

- Sense of responsibility

- Independence 

- Focus and control

- Patience level 

- Empathy

- Stress relieve 

girls preparing the grain/feed for the horse/pony
Horse feeding and being cared by a girl in Pony Gang Camp

Grooming horses:

Girls taking responsibility for horse care in camp
Campers are busy caring  for horses in a camp
Horse is being cared by camp girls

Visits from Vets, Farriers and Dentists:

Campers get the chance to ask questions or jump in and help

Campers watching Equine Dentist at Pony Camp
Camp girls watching farrier performing hoof care at Horse Camp
Camper is assisting Vet caring for a sick camp horse.

and so many more horse activities are planned for 2023......