Counselor in Training Program

Age required: 12 years and older 

Positions available: 2 of 2 open



  • We expect a certain level of maturity, responsibility, people skills, flexibility and helpfulness 
  • Must be a current student at Pony Gang Equestrian Services 
  • Must be approved by trainers 
  • Must know stablemanagement (feeding, watering, pasture and stable care)
  • Must know how to safely catch a horse, safely tie, groom and tack up a horse 


What is a CIT? What does the program entails?

To be a "Counselor in Training" at Pony Gang Farm is to have higher level of responsibility for the care of the horses. It is a way for students to learn hands-on about how to run a barn, daily care for the horses, and a close look at how a teaching horse camp is run. It's a great "first job" for CIT's and teaches how to be professional and talk to kids that she doesn't know. 


When can I become a CIT?

A student may be a CIT year-round and help out with acitivties at the barn and the horse's care, but the CIT program is at it's high during Summer Camp. At camp, the CIT helps to teach campers how to groom and tack horse, how to feed and water them, how to clean pasture and stables. You can pick the summer weeks you would like to work as a CIT, but we are require each CIT to work at least 4 weeks of camp. 


What are the responsibilites as a CIT? 

CIT's are generally given as much responsibility and opportunities as they are capable of and are interested in. We expect high standards of behavior and dedication, and hope to aid you in developing responsibility and other life and work skills such as communication skills, problem-solving ability, etc.

CIT's are trained in all areas of the camp horse operation: pasture and barn management, grooming and tacking, crafts, games and more. 



CIT will be assigned a group of campers for the morning activities and afternoon chores.

  • They will feed and water and clean with their assigned group a pasture 
  • They will help this group of campers to get ready for their lesson (get tack ready, get horses, groom and tack up) and follow the riders to their lesson to assist the instructor and help to put the horses away after 
  • They will help their assigned group in the afternoon with getting feed ready and horses fed
  • During afternoon activities CIT's participate in the activities but help senior or junior counselor if needed. They will to all time remember that they representing Pony Gang torch the camper participating in this week 

What is the worktime as a CIT?


CIT's work Monday's - Friday's and are off on weekends. They arrive every day at 7:45am and stay untill 6:00 pm. 


CIT perks? 

  • 3 Riding lessons (Value $150) for every 5-Day's worked*
  • Lunch, Snacks and Drinks during their stay
  • Camp appereal - 5 T-shirts, 2 Shorts and 1 Sweatshirt (Value $180 / season)


*Riding lessons can be taken in addition to their regular lesson, but cannot be used as replacement of their regular booked monthly lessons package.