Junior Counselor Information

Age required: 14 years and older 

Positions available: 1 of 5 open

Reports to: Senior Counselor / Camp Leadership

Dates: June/July  - minimum of 3 session weeks  



The job of a Junior Camp Counselor at Pony Gang  is a summer camp only position. Must be a responsible and a reliable person with good communication skills, good/safe with other children, able to work with and around horses and working closely with other team members. Cunselors are responsible for their assigned group as well as others if needed. Junior counselors are required to stay overnight for a minimum of 3 weeks. They also are required to help  with the daily camp program and  work closely with senior counselors, camp leadership and  CIT's  to provide safe learning for future equestrians, general care for equines on property, assisting in other camper’s activities as needed.



Job Responsibilities:

  • Assist campers with daily horse chores as needed (stalls, feedings, turn out etc.)
  • Work closely with team members and camp leadership to ensure safety of all campers
  • Work closely with team members and camp leadership during camp activities in and outside the horse related areas
  • Work closely with the camp leadership to communicate all issues, needed requirements etc. 
  • Good communication with other counselors, CIT's and camp leadership 
  • Report to the senior counselor and camp leadership  as needed
  • Report any and all barn related staff/camper issues to the camp leadership 
  • Report any non barn related staff/camper issues to the camp leadership 
  • Assist kids in daily tasks as needed (grooming, tacking, trick riding, vaulting.) 
  • Ensure that all barn related areas are kept cleanly and presentable at all times
  • Ensure that the campers area is kept cleanly and presentable at all times
  • Other general tasks of a counselor as needed and as assigned by senior counselor and camp leadership 


Job Requirements:

  • Must be CPR/First Aid certified (Camp will reimburse for courses if certificate and original bill is getting presented) 
  • Previous horse experience
  • Groom and tack horses independently
  • Must have clear and exceptional communication skills.
  • Undersaddle knowledge and skills preferred but not required 
  • Must have appropriate shoes on at all times to be in the farm/barn area and around a variety of animals. Paddock boots, work boots or muck boots are accepted. Sneakers, sandals, flip flops or crocs are not allowed at any time in the barn areas.
  • Physical endurance to be on one’s feet walking, crouching, bending, twisting, reaching above head, and be physically active for a prolonged period of time
  • Follow all Pony Gang Camp policies and procedures at all times
  • Attend all staff training (provided by Camp)


Salary and Benefits 

  • $1,350 / season 
  • Room and board - Junior Counselors share living quarters with campers 
  • Weekly laundry service 
  • Camp appereal - 12 T-shirts, 5 shorts, 1 Sweatshirt & 1 Longsleeve (Value $500 season)
  • All team members are eligible for performance bonuses on the end of the seaon 
  • Junior Counselors receive 1-hour off each day after lunch 
  • Junior Counselors are off Monday - Friday 10 pm 
  • Junior Counselors are off in rotation Saturday 1pm - 7 pm or Sunday 8am - 2pm
  • Junior Counselors that stay with us all summer are off Saturday, July 2 at 1pm - Sunday, July 9 at 1pm