Horseback Riding at Camp

 All of our campers can't wait till riding lessons and because we are mainly a horseback riding camp we ride here at Pony Gang every day! 


Our Campers with existing riding experience (Novice - Advanced) have the choice between Western riding and Hunter/English riding. Novice and intermediate riders will have group lessons. 


Beginners with no previous or only minimum of riding experience will start bareback to learn balance and correct seat and graduate from their to the saddle of their choice (western or english). Beginner riders also will share a horse on the beginning and help each other. Through this campers also learn to ground handle a horse. 


We have two riding rings (Beginner arena and Advanced/Jumping arena), a 60ft Round pen for Lunge line lessons and Seat lessons and 2 miles of trails around our beautiful ponds and woods. Our pastures and stable is filled with ponies and horses suited for riders at all levels and sizes.  And because we own all of the horses and ponies here at Pony Gang your favorite horse will still be here every year. Each year we add new and exciting horses and ponies to our program too, so that we can challenge our advanced riders abilities and help them grow as Equestrians. 


Our instructors are experienced teachers and lessons classes are strictly structured to each campers ability. 


Weekly Riding overview: 

Monday: Evaluation day for Novice/Intermediate and Mounting/Dismounting lessons day for Beginners

Tuesday: Regular Riding lesson 

Wednesday: Games on Horseback and with horses 

Thursday: Regular Riding lesson 

Friday: Trail ride for everyone 

Saturday: One week campers have no lesson. Two week campers will receive a Trail in the afternoon. 

Sunday: Is our camp horses day off adn there are no riding activties on this day!



Benefit of  Horseback Riding!

Social Benefits 

- Confidence

- Self discipline 

- Sense of responsibility

- Independence 

- Focus and control

- Patience level 

- Empathy

- Stress relieve 

Physical Education 

- Balance 

- Motor coordination 

- Muscle development

- Flexibility

- Posture 

- Hand-eye Coordination

- Core strength

- Body awareness

Other Benefits

- Accountability 

- Compassion 

- Sportsmanship

- Dependability

- Bravery 

- Selflessness 

- Camaraderie

- and much more.... 

What  Riding activities your Camper find at Pony Gang Camp?

Western Riding

Each of our Western riding instructions during lessons is tailored to each individual rider. We offer you several different styles during the week to dry out.

We strive for the safety of our campers first. Building a strong foundation in balance, seat and leg communication in the western saddle.

Besides the different western riding styles we also teach good horsemanship on the ground, horse health and stable management to our western riding students.

Hunter/Jumper/English Riding

Our Trainers teach Hunt Seat, Hunter over fences, Hunter Equitation, English and Jumper lessons. With a lifetime of riding experience, our Trainers know just how to explain the proper riding technique. 

Our focus during the lesson are correct rider postion, balanced and independant seat. Correct use of weight, hand and rein aids. 

But riding is more than just getting on a horse. Pony Gang Equestrian Services teaches through their curriculum all aspects of horsemanship including but not limited grooming, tacking up, the care of a horse and even a little horse psychology.

*Beginner riders will share a horse for the first minimum days, as they assist each other and learn this way not only the riding but also the ground handling of a horse/pony. 

The lesson for beginners are 60minutes long. Each beginner rider will be on horseback for 30minutes and assisting her partner for 30 minutes during their lesson. 

This lesson will be hold in a 1-on-2 lesson (1 Trainer 2 students) 


Advanced riders lesson will be 45 Minutes - 60 Minutes group lesson with 5-6 riders of similar experience level. (1 Trainer - 5-6 riders)


Our Mondays will be Evaluation ride lessons for advanced riders where we check if the horse we matched the rider with is working out or if we have to change horses. Total beginner riders will have a class on how to mount a horse correctly and safely.