Other Camp Activities

Besides Horse related activities we offer a variety of other activities during the camp week. Each of this activities is about the individual camper experience! Campers choose one afternoon activity from our list for each camp day. The second afternoon activity will be a team sport activity that all campers participate in together. 


Our entire instructional staff is female, providing strong role models four our campers, and our class sizes are small, allowing for close instruction and the building of skills. 


Arts & Crafts

Our popular Arts and Crafts activities allow campers to get creative with projects for 2022 include 

- Horseshoe art

- Wooden name plate art 

- Friendship braceletts

- Mandalla art 

and much more. 

Scavenger Hunt

Our Campers will be divided into 3 teams and go on a scavenger hunt throughout the Camp property. It is is fun and exciting. The campers have to work as a team to find the answer to our riddles and collect all items or find the right answer to the riddles. 


Treasure Hunt

Our Campers will receive the first clue for the treasure hunt from us and to solve the riddle to be able to find the next clue that will on the end bring them to the treasure that we have hidden for them. The campes have to work together as a team to solve it. 

Outdoor Fun and Games


We have some fun outdoor games planned for the summer 2022. Some of the games also can be played indoors should the weather bind us to it. 

Stick Horse Show 

Inspired by the games our campers in the 2021 camp played in their free time and in combination with our arts and crafts stick horses from 2019 and 2020, we came up with the 

Pony Gang Stick Horse Show 

Campers will art and craft their own stick horse and then will participate in 

- Dressage pattern       - Jumper Course

- Barrel Race                  - Pole Bending 

Each camper will be judged in their performance in the dressage pattern and the remaining games will be timed. 

We will give out first - eight place ribbons as well has participation ribbons for the remaining campers. We also will give out award ribbons for 

- Best Stick horse 

- High point Stick Horse Show Champion


Every Friday night we will have a bonfire with smores (weather permitted!) as an after dinner activity. We will sing, tell stories and play some bonfire games. 

Game examples for 2022

- I went to the market 

- Once up at a time 

- Two truth and one lie

- The name game 

- Sound Train