Other Camp Activities

Besides Horse related activities we offer a variety of other fun outdoor activities during the camp week. Each of this activities is about the individual camper experience! Campers choose one afternoon activity from our list for each camp day. The second afternoon activity will be a team sport activity that all campers participate in together. 


Our entire instructional staff is female, providing strong role models for our campers, and our class sizes are small, allowing for close instruction and the building of skills. 


Arts and Crafts activities by campers to get it little creative

Arts & Crafts

Our popular Arts and Crafts camp activities allow campers to get creative with projects for 2023 include 

- Horseshoe art

- Wooden name plate art 


and much more. 

Scavenger hunt being played in Arts and Crafts horse camp activities

Scavenger Hunt

Our Campers will be divided into 3 teams and go on a scavenger hunt throughout the Camp property. It is is fun and exciting. The campers have to work as a team to find the answer to our riddles and collect all items or find the right answer to the riddles. Summer camp outdoor activities are super fun for campers at Pony Camp.


Treasure hunt being played in Arts and Crafts horse camp activities

Treasure Hunt

Our Campers will receive the first clue for the treasure hunt from us and to solve the riddle to be able to find the next clue that will on the end bring them to the treasure that we have hidden for them. The camps have to work together as a team to solve it. 

Outdoor games are being played in horse camp activities

Outdoor Fun and Games

We have some fun outdoor games planned for the summer 2023. Some of the games also can be played indoors should the weather bind us to it. 

Bonfire is on in Arts and Crafts horse camp activities by Pony Gang Equestrian services


Every Friday night we will have a bonfire with smores (weather permitted!) as an after dinner activity. We will tell stories and play some bonfire games. 



Please note that our bonfire cannot happen if we have a rainy day. Should it happen that the weather is against us an we are unable to have a bonfire will we add another movie night with smore's made in the oven.  

2-week Campers weekend activities


Saturday structured riding lesson as well as a on the Horse Vaulting and Trick Riding lesson, barn activites, Games and more

Sunday mornings will be trail riding time at Horse Crazy Camp.

After breakfast we will take Campers on a small trail ride around our property. Advanced riders will ride without assistance on the trail if they have proofen during the week that they can keep a horse under control in every situation. Beginner riders will have a side walker. 

2 week camp activity in Arts and Crafts horse camp activities
Girl campers ready for 2 week Arts horse camp activities
Girl campers in 2 week Arts horse camp activities