Other Camp Activities

Besides Horse related activities we offer a variety of other activities during the camp week. Each of this activities is about the individual camper experience! Campers choose one afternoon activity from our list for each camp day. The second afternoon activity will be a team sport activity that all campers participate in together. 


Our entire instructional staff is female, providing strong role models four our campers, and our class sizes are small, allowing for close instruction and the building of skills. 



What is summer camp without swimming?


At our swimming pool you will learn different strokes, diving, water games or just having a fun relaxed swim.


Non swimmers will be supervised in our non-swimmer area and swimmers are aloud to go in the deeper part of the pool. 


Arts & Crafts

Our popular Arts and Crafts activities allow campers to get creative with projects that could include drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry and bracelet making, and more!

Backyard Yahtzee 

Everyone knows Yahtzee but did you ever tried the backyard version of this game. We will head outside with our campers and play a game or two of Yahtzee with our giant dice and our bucket. It is so much fun!

New 2021 - Archery !!


Our Campers can challenge themselves with something new and learn a timeless camp sport with archery. You will learn the proper technique of grips, stand and draw. 

Archery is an activity that allows our campers to grow with the opportunity to improve each day. 


We have at camp so much more to explore outside. Learn about plants in our vegetable garden or the other animals on our farm. The highlight of the summer is raising chicks and baby ducks!  .

Backyard Twister 

A fun game just a bigger version for all campers to jump in play. Lets see who is the most flexible and the one that takes on the challenge to beat them all. 

Scavenger Hunt

Our Campers will be divided into teams and go on a scavenger hunt throughout the Camp property. It is is fun and exciting. The campers have to work as a team to find the answer to our riddles and collect all items.

Ga-Ga Ball

This game was already planned for our 2020 camp, but due to COVID 19 we have had scratched it from our game list. For the 2021 Camp we will bring it in for sure, because we have the knowledge now about the virus we think it will be safe and fun to play and keep our campers entertained. 

Backyard Jenga

Our Campers will be divided into teams and play Backyard Jenga Pony Gang Style. All our blocks will have challenges written on them and if a team is successfully pulling a block without collapsing the tower the other team has to do the challenge. It will be fun and entertaining.  



Every Friday night we will have a bonfire with smores (weather permitted!) as an after dinner activity. We will sing, tell stories and play some bonfire games. 



Rider's Yoga 

We show our campers yoga some Equestrian Yoga moves.


Yoga helps to improve a rider's flexibility and helps them to learn how to center and balance their body better. It is a great way to increase core strength. 

Center, core strength and balance are key traits for equestrians. 


Rider's Fitness Training 

The be a better rider and a better partner for their horse riders need to be fit. We show our campers different exercises they can use outside the barn to improve their overall strength, their stamina and endurance. 

= to improve posture on horseback

= to build a more secure seat 

= for better cueing

=  injury protection 

and so much more 

Ball Sports

From classics like Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball up to Frisbee , there will be a Sport for everyone.


Fun and Games 

Campers can also explore other activities, board games, reading and other outdoor activities.