Pony Gang Camp

Overnight Camp Area

Sleeping Area

Overnight Bathroom

900 square feet of Living space for our Campers. 


Not your typical Camp Bunk house. No, we want our Campers to feel like home and this is why we are trying to make our place as comfy as possible for our Camp Girls. We have room for 14-16 Overnight Girls.


Our sleeping area was renovated and updated before our camp start in 2020 and we updated from window units to wall units for cooling during summer camp. 

Short note: 

We are a year around Lessons barn and turn into a Summer Camp only during the Summer break time. Our Campers sleeping area is regular the private living room of Mrs. Angi and Mrs. Ashley / Trainers here at Pony Gang Farm. 

So, end of May each year their personal belongings from the living room will go in storage for 8 weeks and our campers items will come out of storage and the face off this 900sqft area will turn from country style living into campers heaven. 

So, please understand that we are more than happy to show you around at Pony Gang Farm, but a view of the sleeping area will not be possible. You have for this to trust our pictures. Thank you for your understanding.  

Outdoor Area Camp


Arts & Crafts tent

Dinning Porch

Coming soon

Short note: 

Like we already explained for the Sleeping area, the same is to say here. During the year our Arts & Crafts tent as well as regular our Dinning room porch is stored away together with everything else that is camp related. It will come out of storage the week before Camp start. So, if you visit us before camp, you will not find this yet.