Getting Started

We are always getting the question "What do I need for my riding lessons?", so we put below a list together for you. 


Students are required to wear SEI approved helmets regardless of age when riding horses at Pony Gang Farm.  Pony Gang Farm provides helmets for students for try-out lessons, after this lessons we ask that our student purchase their own helmet. 


Riding gloves are not required, but they provide grip for the reins and in the winter time also will keep your hands warm. 

Please don't use regular mittens or other gloves, because they do not provide the needed grip and will not be allowed during lessons. 


Students must wear long pants like jeans, riding pants, leggings or other long pants, that cover all skin on their legs when riding. 

Please no baggy pants or jersey workout material pants..


Riding gloves are great to have for riding, although not required. They provide grip for the reins. In the winter you may use any glove that provides grip on the reins.  Mittens and other gloves that provide no grip are not allowed.


Try-out lessons students and new students just starting in our lessons program can wear any type of boots when riding as long as these shoes are closed in and have a two-inch heel. Boots also should have a sole with traction and be completely slick.

Students in regularly lessons programs need to purchase a pair of short English riding boots called paddock boots if riding English/Hunter or if older as 12 years can purchase a pair of English high riding boots. 

Our  western riding students are required to purchase a pair of western boots that are not to bulky.