Pony Gang Show Team

The Pony Gang Equestrian Show Team is for both adults and juvenile riders. Members of the Pony Gang Equestrian Show Team do not need to own their own horse and can ride Pony Gang Equestrian Services lesson horses at local, state wide and out of state competitions.

The Pony Gang Equestrian Show team exposes Leadline riders, Beginner riders and up to advanced riders  to horse show competitions. This allows riders to gain experience in the show ring.

Pony Gang Equestrian Show Team Members are required to ride at least once a week. 


Membership fee

Our  Show Team requires a annual membership fee. You commitment to the team will help to improve training goals, organization of show travel, research of clinics, and more. 


Sign up fee $ 100* per member 


*Membership fees will go towards the required yearly team apparel. 

Team Apparel

Each Show team member will be required to purchase one long or short sleeve team branded polo shirt, a team jacket, a team Sweatshirt, and a team hat.


*Team apparel will have a unique design and color not available outside the team (color may change each season) 

Show Attendance

Show team members will be required to attend at least 4 shows per season. As our team riders progress the shows and show levels will be adjusted accordingly. Our trainers will help you in choosing the right shows for your level!


Show Team Meetings

Our Show team meets ones a month for show preparation training and we also will offer a forum with the opportunity to share ideas on how we can improve our training and give back to our community. 

All Show team members must attend a minimum of 6 meetings per season. 


Show Fees

Trainer fee*

One Day Show                     $ 40.00
Weekend Show (FR-SU)      $ 75.00


*incl. coaching during show, warm up, course walk during the show day/days. 


School horse/pony fee

One Day Show                    $ 40.00
Weekend Show (FR-SU)     $ 75.00


Trainers lodging : Will be split between Students attending show

Horse Trailering: $ 0.60 per mile (max. $100)


Fee's to be paid at the Show Ground:

  • Ground fee's       $ 5.00 - 25.00 per Day 
  • Entry Fee             $ 10.00 - 35.00 per Class
  • Stable fee'           $ 20.00 - 75.00 per Day
  • Office fee            $ 5.00 - 20.00 per Day/Show


Show Schedule for 2021