Unicorn Pony Ride Party Columbia

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Pony Gang Unicorn Parties on the road to you!

Prepare to be swept away by the magic of our real-life, majestic unicorns, here to transform your dreams into an extraordinary reality!

Picture this – a celebration filled with the whimsy, fun, and pure happiness that only our unicorns can bring. Whether it's a special day that needs a sprinkle of enchantment, an event craving a burst of creativity and elegance, or any occasion yearning for an instant dose of magic, our unicorns are the answer!

At "Pony Gang Unicorn Party Service on the road, the choices are as magical as our unicorns themselves. From fairy tale unicorns to elegant white unicorns, vibrant rainbow unicorns to adorable mini unicorns, majestic pony unicorns to full-size wonders – we've got it all covered. Whatever you desire, we're here to make it happen. In our hands, your dreams are not just dreams – they are moments waiting to burst into reality, surrounded by the beauty, magic, and fantasy only our unicorns can provide.

Get ready to step into a world where wishes come true – Pony Gang Unicorn Parties on the road, where your dreams take flight.

If you have questions regarding our unicorn party rental send us an email to info@ponygang-farm.com.    

Unicorn Package 1


🦄 2 Unicorns 

🦄 2 handlers

🦄 1 hour of Pony ride 


Suggested for parties with 2-15 children 

Unicorn Package 2


🦄 3 Unicorns 

🦄 3 handlers

🦄 1 hour of Pony ride 


Suggested for parties with 15-30 children 


*We serve 25 miles around our farm. If you book our service and you are outside this radius, Pony Gang will have the right to cancel the scheduled event or charge a mileage fee of $ 2.25 per mile. 


!!Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking your party!!