What will our students find in our Online Learning Portal ?

Our online study material covers the following subject:

The units that will be covered during the participation in our program are always subject to the period amount of time that the student will take part in it. As longer a student participates the more areas will be covered. Also the covered areas depending on the age of the student. 


Our program always starts with the science part of horses and horseback riding. 

Horseback riding gives homeschool students the physical education they need to stay fit

Physical Education   

- Physical Conditioning for better riding (which includes horseless training sessions to work on flexibility and muscle building important for horseback riding)

- Groundwork  




Our students learn all about the science of horseback riding, horses and more


- Riding Science: Riding horses a healthy way

- Biology of Horses:  From the Inside out (anatomy & Physiology 

- Environmental Science: Horses and Ecosystems

 - Genetics: Horse Breeding 

  - Horticulture: Gardening and Pasture Management                                           

to know the history of horses and about their life with us during the time line is important for every Equestrian


- Famous Horses in History 

- How Horses helped make History

- Art History and Image of the Horse  


Students learn the importance of horses through the myth and folktale


- Horses in Literature, Myth, and Folktale 

- Horses in Film 

- My Horse Tale: Personal Creative writing


We take a look at horses herd dynamics and how horses wrote history with us

Social Studies   

- Psychology/Sociology: Herd Dynamics 

- Geography: Horses around the World (types and confirmation) 

- Human Geography: Cultures and Traditions of the Horse

- Anthropology: Hors, Humans, and domestication  


students learn what jobs there are around horses


- Career Alignment and Exploration

- Portfolio Process (with an Exploration of Equine Careers) 

 - Development of a Personal Presentation Portfolio & Skills 

- Interviewing and Public speaking Practice

- First Aid and Safety

We build through our program well rounded and knowledgeable Equestrians of the future

While the curriculum modules above are important, perhaps the most important aspect of the Pony Gang Equestrian Services Program is the way it nurtures strong resilient young people. Training and relating to horses on a regular basis develops compassion, problem-solving, and communication skills, while building leadership skills and self-confidence.